My Drone will take off at a bit more. (もう少しでドローン飛びそう)

  1. ドローンに取り組み始めて8ヶ月、燃やしたり燃やしたりしたけど次のパーツが揃ったら無事離陸できそうだ
  2. 低温調理器1号のベースができた。詳細の作り方は深くは考えていない
  3. ママリガ簡単で美味しい。これは流行る!


  1. I have been try making drone since before eight month. few time burned it. but I think that I will able to done soon that it take off.
  2. I made low temperature cooking machine base. but I don't think deeply that how do I make it.
  3. Mamaliga is simple and tasty. Will be famous in the future!