My English skill is increasing about thirty percent since last year. (去年よりは3割ぐらい英語力改善している)

  1. 文法力低すぎて英会話するモチベーションが出ない
  2. ニクロム線と水温時計と格闘する
  3. UbuntuのKernelがBugをおこしてるんだけど、Bug Reportに正規のフローで到達できなくて絶望する


  1. My grammer skill is such a low level that I didn't motivate to learn conversasion today.
  2. I grappled with a nichrome wire and water temperature sensor.
  3. Ubuntu Kernel had bug last week. I tried to search bug report of launchpad but I finished to find this by google search. I felt despairing that my search skill of launchpad.